Steve Hornstein


Where is Prince’s Estate Now?

It’s been a little over a year since Prince passed away. We discussed in a previous blog some of the issues that would arise. Since he died in Michigan that’s where his estate would be probated. We provided a comparison of probate in that state versus the state we live in, California. Now that a […]



Bequeathing a Home Could Cause Trouble

Q.  I have two children, both are grown with children of their own.  Neither of them owns a home.  I would like to keep my house in the family for everyone to use.  Its not a large home so having two families live here would be rather difficult. But they could share it.  I have […]



Cleaning Up Your Estate Plan

We write our estate plans to stand the test of time. We include clauses that cover digital life, pets and even heirs and beneficiaries that haven’t been born yet. If you never looked at your estate plan again, you would still be protected. But it never hurts to look at it again and update it. […]



New Law Provides Protection From Medi-Cal Estate Claim

Starting January 1, 2017, California law will allow you to protect your assets from a Medi-Cal claim after you die. Prior to December 31, 2016, California law said that if you received Medi-Cal benefits, Medi-Cal could file a claim against your estate and assets after you passed away. In order to avoid a Medi-Cal claim […]



Documents You Need to File Your Taxes

Tax Statements You Need to File – Common income, deduction statements  You should have all the various tax statements at hand. Employers, banks, stockbrokers and other institutions and agencies that are involved in taxpayers’ financial lives had until January 31, to get their annual tax statements to you.  Many of these documents are now received […]