Steve Hornstein


Successor Trustees Need to Understand Their Role

We often hear stories about loved ones who are named successor trustees in a family members trust. Many do not seek legal advice. Successor trustees really need legal counsel to help them with this role they are assuming. The best thing you can do when dealing with estate issues for a loved one is contact […]



Did You Know That Trusts Started Out as an Estate Planning Tool for the Wealthy?

Luckily times have changed, a lot. In 1991 a study was done by AARP regarding Probate. It recommended that families use Trust instead of Wills to avoid Probate. We recommend the same thing! Probate is a court proceeding that happens when a loved one dies with all the assets in their name alone. Things like […]



New Tax Law May Have an Impact on Company Benefits

 The bill has spurred a number of U.S. companies to announce one-time bonuses or an increase in their minimum hourly pay. A new corporate tax incentive could lead more companies to provide pay for family leave. Some companies have announced that they will give their employees a special bonus or increase their hourly wage due […]



When Key Tax Documents Will Arrive

January Employers must provide employees with a W-2 by Jan. 31. Businesses that hire independent contractors will have to give them their 1099-MISC by that date. Retirees should also pay attention to their mailboxes in January. That’s when the Social Security Administration sends beneficiaries an SSA-1099, which will detail what they received during the previous […]



Tax season starts on Jan. 29. Here’s What You Need to Know

Certain refunds won’t be available until late February. The IRS expects nearly 155 million individual tax returns for 2017. For those of you who like to get your taxes done at the beginning of the season pay attention to your mail. All the documents and statements you will need to prepare your tax return are […]