Steve Hornstein


Celebrities Update Their Estate Plan Too

I’m sure everyone knows who Britney Spears is. She is famous pop star, has a Las Vegas Residency that rakes in millions of dollars? Sound familiar? Ms. Spears had an estate plan prepared for her a long time ago. She probably has managers and attorneys who drafted legal documents before she ever got married or […]



Keeping Paperwork on an Estate

One question that we get asked about all the time after a parent dies is about paperwork.   What paperwork do I have to keep and how long do I have to keep all this paperwork? Many people come in with stacks and stacks of bills, receipts and bank account information. What do they do with […]



Can a Creditor Take Assets Held In Your Revocable Living Trust?

The answer is YES. Yes they can. A revocable living trust does not provide protection from creditors, lawsuits or divorce. There are many advantages to a Revocable Living Trust, but protection of assets, unfortunately, isn’t one of them. A creditor or judgment holder or even an ex-spouse can take property owned by your revocable living […]



Should You Write Your Own Revocable Living Trust?

People have attempted to write their own documents, and we can honestly say every attorney we speak with agrees that writing your own Living Trust is a bad idea.   Here are four reasons why writing your own Revocable Living Trust is a BAD IDEA: Estate Planning is Not a One-Size-Fits-All or Even Most There […]



Funding Your Trust

In order for a Revocable Trust to work correctly it must be funded, that is, your assets must be put in the name of your trust.   The Trust can only govern what it owns.   By funding your Trust, the Trust governs those assets. We tell our clients the importance of funding their Trust all the […]