Steve Hornstein


New Law Provides Protection From Medi-Cal Estate Claim

Starting January 1, 2017, California law will allow you to protect your assets from a Medi-Cal claim after you die. Prior to December 31, 2016, California law said that if you received Medi-Cal benefits, Medi-Cal could file a claim against your estate and assets after you passed away. In order to avoid a Medi-Cal claim […]



Documents You Need to File Your Taxes

Tax Statements You Need to File – Common income, deduction statements  You should have all the various tax statements at hand. Employers, banks, stockbrokers and other institutions and agencies that are involved in taxpayers’ financial lives had until January 31, to get their annual tax statements to you.  Many of these documents are now received […]



Dirty Tax Scams

With tax season come tax scams. Lets face it. Scam artists are after your tax refunds and they are trying to get to your money before you do. Here are the top tax scams we have heard of over the last couple years. Phone scams – Criminals are targeting specific groups of people, for example, […]



Tax Changes Under Trump

  In 2017 our new president Donald Trump and Congress have pledged to do away with the 100-year old estate tax. In 1976 the estate tax exemption was $60,000, at the time 7.7% of the population was affected by it. Today it is expected to apply to about 5,200 people, or just 0.2% of the […]



Tax Deductions You Shouldn’t Forget

Nobody wants to pay more taxes then they must. Here are a few ways to get the most of your often-overlooked tax breaks. Medical expenses The IRS says you can deduct 19 cents a mile if you used your car for medical reasons. You can also include the cost of meals and lodging at a […]