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Estate Planning

Congratulations on taking this important step to secure a Trust along with a complete estate plan for you and your family. Our Los Angeles Estate Planning Attorney will guide you in the process. Please find our brochure and a copy of our Estate Planning Questionnaire, from which your Trust and estate planning documents will be prepared. The questionnaire will help you to gather the needed information. If a question does not apply, simply cross it out or leave it blank. The form includes questions that may help you to think about issues that are important to you.

This document is a “working document? and can be changed later, so don’t get stuck on any question. Please feel free to jot down notes or questions on the questionnaire or on new sheets and we can review these questions with you.

If possible, please fax a copy of your deed(s) to your property(ies), if applicable. If you cannot find the deed(s), we can pull it(them) from the County Recorder to ensure that your property(ies) is/are titled within the Trust.

If you currently have or are planning to purchase insurance policies, we may wish to look into preparing an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust to be the owner of these policies. We will review this with you, if appropriate.

Estate Planning in Woodland Hills

If you have been sent an engagement letter, please sign and return to our office along with the appropriate payment via check, Visa or MasterCard (please find attached credit card authorization, if applicable). If you have been sent a brochure, please review for additional information regarding the process and information about our office. Please bring in or fax to our office the Questionnaire when you have entered as much information as you are comfortable without additional assistance. Then, when your documents are complete, you can come to our office for signing and notarization, or we can send them to you for execution.

As you are already aware, it is very important to you and your family that you have complete estate planning documents, including a Trust, so I look forward to helping you and your family in this very important process. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 818/887-9401 or e-mail me at
20335 Ventura Blvd Woodland Hills, CA 91364‎

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