Information Regarding the IRS Stimulus Checks

We at Hornstein Law Offices want to help our clients, friends, and family in this stressful and very uncertain time. We understand some people will be getting their stimulus checks from the government via direct deposit. Those of you who have had direct deposit for your tax refunds in the past are already set up. But for those of you who are not set up for direct deposit but want to be, the IRS has released a website you can visit and safely enter your information.

Just a little information regarding these check for those who may have forgotten or were unclear.

Americans making $75,000 or less and couples making $150,000 or less are eligible to receive $1,200. Individuals and couples in those income brackets also are eligible for $500 for each child 17 or younger.
The payments are smaller for individuals making up to $99,000 and couples making up to $198,000. Americans making more than that will not receive a payment. 

Click Here – For information on submitting your bank account.

Click Here – To see where your payment is.