Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

As we get closer to the holiday season we like to change direction in our newsletter. Talking about estate planning for eight months straight can get a bit tedious.   We like to give tips for party planning or keeping pets safe during holiday parties.  Hopefully its useful for you.


In this newsletter we are going to provide some tips for when you leave home on vacation.   These tips should help keep your home safe while you are gone.
    1. Stop newspaper delivery and ask the post office to hold all mail.
    2. Do not let your answering machine tell the world you are on vacation and how long you are gone. An answering machine message that says “we are on vacation in Aspen till the 28th” is a bad idea. It will tell any stranger who calls that you are gone and how long you are gone. Thieves love that sort of knowledge.


  1. Move small valuables to a safe deposit box. Put valuable jewelry or spare credit cards you aren’t using in the box. Some experts suggest making a tape of your valuables and keeping that in a safe deposit box, it is perfect documentation in case of theft or fire, and a great way to prove value for insurance company settlements.
  2. Check all windows! Using wooden dowels to hold sliding doors closed can help if locks wont do.
  1. Use timers on lights throughout the house and on outdoor lights, if possible. It gives the illusion that someone is home.
  2. Notify at least one neighbor of your trip, and if you trust them, leave a spare key to your house. In one instance a family’s home had a water leak, thousands of gallons caused extensive water damage, if a neighbor had a key it could have been avoided.
  3. Prepay your bills. It doesn’t help with household safety. But it will provide some peace of mind while you are on your trip.
Hope these safety tips help when you and your family take holiday vacations!
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