Estate Planning

Preparation of documents for a well-rounded Estate Plan include Trust, Certification of Trust, Wills, Powers of Attorney for Property Management and Healthcare, as well as Amendments to Trust and Codicils to Wills.

Trusts & Wills

Two important documents in your estate plan are your Trust and your Will. Our office can prepare a comprehensive estate plan with both legal documents working hand in hand to uphold your wishes for your family and your assets.

Trust Administration

This is the process of administering your trust after you or a loved one passes away. It involves three steps:

  1. Gathering assets – collection back accounts, IRAs, life insurance etc.
  2. Paying Final Bills – healthcare bills, credit card bills etc
  3. Distributing Your Assets – Your trust gives instruction for how you want you assets divided.


If you die without any legal documents or only have a Will, your estate will go to Probate.  The Probate process in California is different then in other states.  Our office handles all facets of Probate.


Is there is an inheritance dispute where beneficiaries may disagree on the division of assets?  This can result in a litigation in front of a judge.  Our office can help you handle these issues.


Business Formation – LLCs, Corporations, etc.


Tax (

Accounting  (

Financial Strategy  (