If you are looking for a professional to help you prepare your taxes, let us give you some suggestions on what to look for. There are hundreds of tax preparers out there, some make grandiose promises of large tax returns and others do not follow the rules set by the IRS. These mistakes could potentially make filing your taxes incredibly difficult and expensive. Let us help you avoid problems.
We wanted to give you some tips on finding and hiring a tax professional.
It is important to check out tax preparers carefully before hiring one. Do not fall for promises of huge refunds. It really becomes a ‘consumer, beware’ world.

In dealing with tax preparers, here are three tips you should consider:
  1. Get a copy of your return. If the preparer then alters the return after you’ve signed off on it, that’s proof that it was a false return that was filed.
  2. Make sure the preparer’s name, registration number and address are on the return.
  3. Check with the Better Business Bureau or state consumer affairs agency to see if there are any complaints against the preparation firm or preparer.
It may seem like a lot of work at first. But if you get sucked into one of these preparer issues it can take over a year to get it resolved. Also, once you find someone you trust you can use their services every year without worry.