Tips on Eating Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays mean holiday parties with increased alcohol consumption and seemingly endless opportunities to eat too much.   Holidays are suppose to be fun times of family togetherness, so here are some ways to control the calories in the midst of all the feasting.

If you are hosting a holiday party and are watching your weight, make sure to prepare a few healthy dishes for yourself and for your health-conscious guests. Dishes with lots of fruits and raw or steamed veggies are a good idea.

By making slight changes to traditional foods you can significantly reduce calorie and fat content. Try sautéing veggies in broth instead of butter, using sour cream instead of mayonnaise in dishes, or serving sugar-free gelatin for dessert.

Whether you are the host or a guest at a holiday part, stay focused. Allow yourself to enjoy the party food in moderation. Choose a few foods you really want to eat, but avoid others. Eating slowly and savoring each bite may help you eat less.   Also, eating a healthy snack before the party will help you feel less hungry and thus eat less.

You might want to cut down on your caloric intake a couple days before and after the big meal. You can significantly reduce your hunger by eating a snack beforehand. An apple, orange or salad can help.

Keep in mind that leftovers, too, can cause problems for dieters. Food often ends up getting eaten instead of stored. If you are the host, ask others for help putting food away, to resist the urge to eat it. It will help you resist the urge to sample foods as you put them away.

To keep from overeating in the days following your big meal, let guests take food with them. You can also take the food to work and give it to coworkers.

Try cooking a smaller meal to begin with.

If you receive high-calorie gifts like alcohol, candy or baked goods, you can re-gift the items to co-workers, neighbors or friends.

Finally, the best thing you can do is exercise. Exercising during the holidays keeps your metabolism up and helps boost your mood.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!